PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER

There is a book that has miraculously accompanied me through decades of an adventurous and nomadic life called "Zen Mind Beginners Mind".  It embodies the fundamentals of why I am a professional photographer.  To feel and experience the beauty of this world I live in, I have to notice it.  Today, worry, impatience and distraction and the pace of our life blinds us from discovering the beauty in the sublime. 

I have always enjoyed life as a professional photographer in terms of visual poetry.  My spiritualism is borne from my natural thirst to experience the beauty of this earth and the people who walk it.
My life and my cameras walk hand in hand.  

Being a portrait ,family and professional photographer my "eye" is constantly discovering fresh ways of interpreting life's wonders.

I sincerely look forward to meeting those who wish to have their portrait taken or interested in my other artistic work.